Sigmund Freud - Biography and Other Biographical Studies

Welcome to the Sigmund Freud biography section. You may choose from several subsections by clicking the links below:

        -> Chronology
People who met Freud The most important moments in Sigmund Freud's life and the genesis of his work recorded in chronological order for students and researchers.

        -> Biography
There are many biographies of Sigmund Freud, published at various times and in several languages. The most important is certainly the Ernest Jones', one of Freud's closest persons. Our site suggests a different, less historical, perspective on Freud's life and work. The first module is dedicated to Sigmund Freud's childhood and will be followed by his school years, and so forth.

        -> The Cocaine Episode
What was the role of cocaine in Freud's life? What was its role in the life of his closest persons? Did Freud discover analgesic effects of cocaine or was he merely content with using it as incentive? Here are a few questions that the article is trying to answer.

        -> Freud's Self-analysis
The most important period of the Freud's life is related to his self-analysis. The revolutionary discoveries of this period influenced his entire psychoanalytic work.

        -> The Secret Committee
A few words about what was the Secret Committee and the persons who joined it.

         -> The Freudian Dissidents
People who met Freud, supported him or departed to follow their own ways.

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