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Jung Meets Freud

The meeting between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud which has been materialized in 1907, in Vienna, is a very important event for the  psychoanalysis history.
Jung had already found out about Freud, some years before, the moment he  read The Interpretation of Dreams.

Freud and Jung
Sigmund Freud (left)
and Carl Jung (center)
That time (1902), Jung  was impressed especially by the emphasis on the method of free associations which resembled his own experiences with associations.

Freud has developed this method in psychoanalytical therapy and has applied it as well in the dream analysis. The difference is that in the interpretation of dreams Freud's method is applied accordingly to a piece of dream, which has to be associated this way.

The visit to Vienna of the enthusiastic Jung meant the beginning of an extremely profitable and passional collaboration for the "cause" (promoting the psychoanalysis as therapy method and theory). Freud considered Jung his successor, and this explain Jung's assuming the position of President of the International Psycho-Analytic Society.

In though, he was not thereby attracted by the sexual etiology of neurosis, Jung, with an extraordinary and unrestrained energy, did his best in order to impose psychoanalysis into the scientific world of that time.

He had two advantages in his task: 1. he was working with the famous doctor Bleuler, the Director of the notorious clinic of Burgholzli, and 2. he was not a Jew, so he did a lot in order to protect psychoanalysis from the claim it was a Jewish affair. His warlike character brought many services to the developing of Freudian psychoanalysis.

There are many letters written, one to each  other, by Freud and Jung that offer us details about the important moments of the beginning and the evolution of psychoanalysis. AROPA

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